Kids to Love: De’Angela

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 Last week you met Shunterria.

 This week you get to meet her sister DeAngela in our Kids to Love report.

De'Angela is 14 years old.

 "I'm in the 8th grade fixing to go to the 9th grade next year."

She likes school and loves to work on the computer.
De'Angela is the oldest of 3 sisters, and would love to stay with her younger sister Shunterria. 

DeAngela says "She help me every time someone pick on me at church or stare at me."

 As the girls get older, their reality is foster care.

Lee asks "Do you know what foster care means?"

 DeAngela answers. "Like you be in a group home and you have to (1:11:45:05) stay there for a long time."

"Would you like to move out of that situation and be adopted someday?"

"Is that something you would want?"
"I don't like to be in foster care. I think I want to be adopted."

This week's frequently asked question...
 Are there higher rates of failed adoptions in families who adopt siblings?
 No, siblings who are placed separately are more likely to demonstrate greater emotional and behavioral problems.  
Research indicates when siblings are placed together, they experience many emotional benefits with fewer moves and lower risk for failed placements.


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