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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex reopened on Thursday after closing more than two months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While many were disappointed with Wednesday’s launch scrub, that disappointment has turned to excitement with a visit to Kennedy Space Center. But there are many changes as the visitor complex opens for the first time in months.

“We’re really excited, we happen to really love science”

Holly McMillen’s family was the first through the gates Thursday morning. That means they’re also the first to experience new safety precautions like temp checks and masks. They’re now required for all employees and guests.

“It’ a little hot, but we’re fine. And I appreciate everyone being careful so we can still come and learn things.”

The measures follow guidance from the CDC. That includes attendance capped at 50%, with timed tickets purchased in advance. Once inside, there are marking for travel flow, hand sanitizing stations, and signing for social distancing.

We have barricades where needed to make sure folks monitor social distancing. As well as those floor graphics.

While may exhibits are open, others like theaters, bus tours, playgrounds, and stimulators remain closed.

With limited offerings, the visitors complex has reduced ticket prices to $30, which includes a ticket to return in 2021. The hope is that things will be fully reopened much sooners.

“And the return ticket they want to come back when we’re fully operational, so they get a little bit of a taste of what we have here.”

Now when it comes to watching a rocket launch viewing closer to the launch pad, it’s still closed, but if you happen to be there when a rocket launch happens – you’re more than welcome to watch.

Tickets to the visitor complex on Saturday are already sold out.