NASA Marks Milestone Regarding Future of Kennedy Space Center

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KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. (WHNT) – It’s a big step forward in NASA’s development of the Space Launch System, or SLS.

The good news comes in the form of planned changes to the vehicle assembly building and launch pads under the command of Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA has completed the preliminary design review to transform the space center.

It’s called the Ground Systems Development and Operations Program.

The equipment at Kennedy Space Center had been built in the past to focus on a single kind of launch system, either the Saturn Five Rocket, or space shuttle.

The plan is designed to support several different spacecraft and rockets.

The preliminary design review also provided an initial assessment.

It determined the baseline architecture is sound for engineers to move toward a more detailed design.

The project manager says this review shows the ground systems are on track to process and launch the SLS and Orion spacecraft.

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