Keel Mountain Road in Gurley is getting an update

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GURLEY, Ala. – Usually, County Commissioners move to get roads in their district fixed after constituents complain, but the improvements coming to Keel Mountain Road in Gurley have a different story.

The road has a steep incline, the asphalt is sliding, and these aren’t new issues.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill says he noticed Keel Mountain Road was compromised about a year ago.

“I was going up Keel Mountain and when I hit it, I wondered what was going on,” Hill said.

Since then, a company hired by Madison County has been studying the condition of the road.

“It’s an incline and it’s sliding. OMI has stated to us that at that elevation and many areas through the mountains they’ll have those failures,” Hill added.

Randy Maples has lived on Keel Mountain for 24 years. He says he drives the road several times a day.

“The little bad spot down there – they’ll patch it, then it comes back,” he explained.

Hill estimates the improvements will cost $300,000-400,000 but says they know the road needs to be fixed regardless of price.

Maples agreed, citing a lot of families along the road.

“There’s a lot of families up here. A lot of children,” Maples added. “I mean, there is no price on kids you know, to not get hurt,” said Maples.

Hill says the next step in this process is for OMI to come up with a plan to fix the road.

“We hired them to design a fix for that project. We hope that design will come soon. After that, we’ll bid the project,” Hill explained.

Officials say they are waiting to start this project until school lets out in May.

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