Jordan Road opens in Madison County, but nearby road is closing permanently

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The new portion of Jordan Road in Madison County opened Friday, but with that, came the closing of another road shutting down for good.

Left turns are tough on a specific section of highway 72 in Madison County. You always have to fight against oncoming traffic and mistakes have cost lives in the past. Now, after two years, Madison County has a new section of road open for traffic.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill said, “It makes it a lot safer connection for residents coming off of Ryland Pike onto Highway 72.”

The idea is to minimize the frustration of residents like James Moore who has been forced to use another route to cross Highway 72, the newly upgraded Dug Hill Road crossing.

“They come up with this idiotic idea,” said Moore. “You got to get in traffic, go up through there and turn back, get back in traffic and come back down just to get 20 feet.”

Either side of Jordan Road opened at 11 a.m. Friday morning, but another popular residential intersection is going away permanently.

“That’s another stupid move they made,” said Moore. “Why?”

Crew members have already lined up cones to block access to Ryland Pike right off Highway 72. It’s also not too far from where Jordan Road just opened up.

Hill said, “The left turn into oncoming traffic, all those left turns, we had collisions there, and most of the time those collisions were very significant, loss of life, loss of property.”

That means no more left turns from 72-east to Ryland Pike. Commissioner Craig Hill said the only way in is to take the new Jordan Road entrance.

Drivers should know, they’ll still be able to turn right from Ryland Pike onto the westbound lanes of Highway 72 East.

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