Jeff Road widening project moving forward


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – After years of discussion, the proposed road improvement project for Jeff Road is closer to getting a start date.

Madison County is getting ready to widen a portion of Jeff Road from just north of Highway 72 to Douglas Road. Residents have one month left to share any comments or concerns online for the proposed project.

The plans involve widening the existing 2 lane roadway to 5 lanes. The project will include 4-foot bicycle lanes and 5-foot wide sidewalks on each side of the roadway. Commissioner Phil Vandiver said the expansion is desperately needed to accommodate growth.

“In the mornings and evenings, our traffic is just backed up and getting worse and worse every day because of so many people moving in and coming out into the county. We want to make them as welcome as possible, but there are growing pains,” says Vandiver.

The first part of the project is a 2.8 mile stretch from Jeff Road, just north of Highway 72, to Douglas Road.

Vandiver said the price tag for construction is around $14 million and is funded by the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, an ALDOT administered federal-aid highway program.

The county will need to purchase more than 100 parcels of land from home and business owners along Jeff Road.

“It’s a big project and taking a lot of width as it goes down through there. So, that’s where we had some negative feedback to start with because it is working on a lot of people’s yards down through there and we understand that,” says Vandiver.

Madison County residents have less than a month left to share any comments or concerns about the project online. The commenting period officially closes on April 23.

“We want them to look at this project, look at their layouts on their yards, and anything they see that they need changed we can talk to our engineers. Look at it a little bit and see if we can’t help them out or work with them to get what we need,” says Vandiver.

Acquisition of right of way for this project is expected to begin Fall 2021 and utility relocations early next year.

“There’s a video you can watch there’s also information, downloads, and other information to see how it affects your property if you live on Jeff Road,” says Vandiver.

Construction is expected to start in late 2022 or early 2023 and last for about two and a half years.

Click here to submit a comment or concern and click here to watch the project proposal presentation.

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