James Clemens Theater holds outdoor showcase


MADISON, Ala. – The James Clemens High School Theater Department found a creative way to hold its showcase Friday Night. Students and faculty held Behind the Mask at an outdoor staging area at the high school to honor COVID-19 precautions.

“This means a lot it means a lot to know that we were able to push through COVID-19 is not an easy battle to fight,” said Senior Joe Dobbs.

In a time when the pandemic has halted many theater productions, James Clemens senior Mary Einhorn said, “It’s really special that Mrs. Patel and the whole theater program wanted to give us something meaningful for our last show that what we can do. It means a lot it means that you know she recognizes all of the dedication we put in in the theater program.”

To honor COVID-19 precautions the cast and crew set up a makeshift stage outside at the school’s bus loop.

“We were very fortunate to have a great architectural design of our building and we have this almost sort of preset stage I wish his work we call our bus loop and it’s a few steps up it’s raised above and right in front of it this little open patch a field,” explains Dobbs.

Senior Joe Dobbs says the roughly 90-minute production is a mixed bag and something for everyone to enjoy.

“Some people like we’re doing the musical some people are doing a play some people are doing monologues and poems and some other people to singing random songs they want to say it’s very much just a mixed bag cabaret of everything,” said Dobbs.

Einhorn wrote a 20-minute one-act play named Duddies for Behind the Mask and says James Clemens theater program helped paved the way for life after high school.

“I’m actually going to Roosevelt University in Chicago. They have a school that’s a part of the university called the Chicago College of Performing Arts,” says Einhorn.

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