James Clemens senior forms community service group to help spread hope


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Because of COVID-19, many families are experiencing financial hardship. With the school year about to start, some of those families are not able to provide school supplies for their children. A local high school senior is working to fix that. 

Jackson Quarles, a senior at James Clemens High School, said the community needs to come together during this time. Eager to get other teens involved, Quarles decided to start a group to help those in need.

“It’s called ‘Shining Within. It’s mostly about encouraging everyone to shine within and be positive, be themselves through community service. And it’s open to any teen and anyone who wants to join we’re here and we’re open,” Quarles said.

The group held its first event, the “Back-2-School GiveBack,” Saturday. The community donated school supplies to the Downtown Rescue Mission.

“We reach out to anybody and say, ‘Hey. How can Shining Within help you?’ And we go and we get it done,” Quarles said.  

He hopes the group can expand and be an organization people know they can trust to get help.  

“We can provide the community service to everyone. So that was the main goal. To spread positivity through community service during these times,” he said.  

Through his efforts, Quarles said he has seen an overwhelming amount of support from his fellow students and the community. After high school, he said he plans to pursue a career in education.

You can follow the group on Instagram.

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