James Clemens High School Principal Accepts Georgia Superintendent’s Job

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Madison’s newest high school is about to get its second principal before the school opens for the first time this fall.

James Clemens High School Principal Doctor John Green is leaving the post he’s had for less than a year. Dr. Green has been named Superintendent of Jackson County Schools in his home state of Georgia. He will start his new job in less than two months.

Dr. Green is still thinking about the call he got from Jackson County Schools in Georgia. The call was made to tell him he had been selected to be the school district’s next superintendent.

“It was a lot of excitement. It’s one of those things where we made a real good connection in the interview process. They are great folks. I am really excited about getting the chance to be with them and get to know them,” said Dr. Green.

Dr. Green says he told his boss the news minutes after ending the call.

The soon-to-be former high school principal made it clear to Madison City School Superintendent Dr. Dee Fowler he felt a great connection in Madison.

“That’s a great network to be a part of, so my commitment to Madison City Schools and James Clemens High school is still there. It will be there through the transition,” added Dr. Green.

Dr. Green starts the job in Georgia on July 1, 2012. He’ll end the job in Madison on June 30, 2012.

“We will post that position for two weeks. We will gather candidates, screen the candidates and start our interview process,” added Dr. Fowler.

Dr. Fowler says the the principal’s current contract requires a 45-day notice.

“The good thing is we can screen our candidates, hire our candidates and still have ample time for this person to work with Dr. Green and to get all the nuances of the job and school building,” added Dr. Fowler.

Dr. Green will keep all of his principal privileges until he leaves the principal’s position on June 30, 2012.

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