Jackson County teachers return to school, prepare classrooms to follow ADPH guidelines


WOODVILLE, Ala. – Monday was the first day back in the classroom for teachers in Jackson County.

They are preparing for what is expected to be an incredibly unique school year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“I was excited,” said second grade teacher Amy Frazier. “I was glad to see everybody. It was a little different with face masks but we still got to laugh, have fun.”

Frazier told WHNT News 19 she is also excited for students to return to school.

“I was very excited to come back. I’m anxious like everyone about our safety and the students’ safety but I’m ready to come back,” said Special Education teacher Amy Stills.

“This year offers an opportunity for probably the greatest growth that we’ve had as educators in learning how to think outside the box, act outside the box, and teach outside the box and I’m excited for that,” said principal Jamie Darwin.

Woodville High School teachers spent most of their first day back in the classroom, getting things ready for students.

They are rearranging and reorganizing things to ensure that the CDC and Alabama Department of Public Health COVID-19 prevention guidelines can be followed.

Some are figuring a new set up for tables.

“One concern I guess I do have is the children having to wear masks all eight hours of the day. It’s going to be kind of hard on them, but I’m hoping if I can social distance them six feet apart that they’ll be able to take that off sometime during the day,” said Frazier.

Others are installing plexiglass barriers.

Darwin said 26% of students are enrolled in remote learning.

“It’s still going to come down to teachers teaching and kids learning and it’s just going to look a little different this year,” said Darwin.

Frazier is expecting 12 or 13 students in the traditional classroom. Five have chosen the virtual option, which she anticipates will be difficult for parents.

“Really with younger children, K through third especially, they’re going to have to have parents help and I know that parents have to work and when they come home, they have to get dinner ready, and kids ready to go to bed and then they’re going to have to also be a school teacher, so it’s going to be kind of hard on the parents,” said Frazier.

Frazier told WHNT News 19 she loves her students and wants what’s best for them.

She said she wants parents to know they will do their best to keep the children healthy and educated.

Darwin said if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19, the school will follow the ADPH guidelines on quarantine.

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