Jackson County tag, real estate offices closed after employee’s spouse tests positive for COVID-19


JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey announced Monday that the Jackson County Tag and Real Estate offices will be closed after an employee’s spouse tested positive for COVID-19.

The offices will be closed for a few days, according to the chairman. The chairman said they are following CDC guidelines and testing all employees.

Guffey goes on to say that there is a similar situation in the Jackson County Public Works department. He said all employees will be tested but most of the department will continue to operate.

Revenue commissioner Jeff Arnold said all employees in his office is self-quarantining after the spouse of an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Guffey said eight employees at the road department are also awaiting test results, as that is where the infected spouse worked.

There are safety precautions in place inside of the courthouse, including mandatory mask-use, plexiglass barriers, and social distance markers on the floor.

Jackson County is currently in the low-rick category according to the Alabama Department of public Health. As the number of positive cases have declined over the last 14 days.

“We’ve done everything we know to do here at the courthouse. We’re cleaning constantly to keep our citizens and our employees safe. But as I go out, when I go into stores, I have noticed that more people are wearing masks, I think people are being more vigilant in trying to make sure that they limit their exposure to this virus,” said Guffey.

Arnold said people can still renew their tags online here or by mail.

He added that any penalties caused due to this closure will be waived.

If anyone has questions, contact the Commission Office at 256-574-9280 and press option 8.

They apologize for the inconvenience.

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