Jackson County deputies update radios with Motorola grant


JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will now be able to communicate quicker and easier with other deputies and other departments.

Communication in law enforcement is key to public and officer safety.

“We’re constantly getting into car chases that run into other jurisdictions,” said Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen.

But now, the department is investing even more into that.

It was able to buy 40 new portable radios and around 38 in-car radios for deputies thanks to a $58,000 Motorola grant.

The radios replace the outdated, 30-plus-year old radios

“The technology is so much better now that we needed an upgrade. We were having radios fail, we were having areas we couldn’t pick up. We’re in a very large county obviously so the new radios, I don’t know if they have more wattage, but they seem to pick up better in more areas,” added Harnen.

The new radios monitor both analog and digital frequencies which comes in handy, especially when communicating with Scottsboro Police.

“Now, instead of having to go through dispatch, their dispatch contact our dispatch to contact us, we can literally switch over to their radio frequency and communicate with them within seconds instead of within minutes and that can mean a lot when you’re in the middle of something serious,” Harnen explained.

The county commission also approved the purchase of new radios for the jail costing just under $15,000.

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