ITT Tech Madison campus opened for students and instructors to retrieve belongings

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--  Students and teachers were back inside ITT Tech's Madison campus Thursday. This was the first opportunity they had to retrieve their belongings since the doors were locked before the Labor Day weekend.

It has now been 72 hours into the closing of ITT Tech and students have still had basically no communication from the school. They are now being forced to look at other options. The director also opened it up to students looking for answers, even though they didn't have a lot to give.

Students could get copies of their unofficial transcripts Thursday, but former student Tim Ladner said that's still not much.

"Give us some updates about how we get our official transcripts, which will be mailed by ITT corporate. How trusting that is right now, we will see," he said.

Students purchased items from ITT Tech they didn't get to use, like scrubs and tool kits, but were told ITT Tech won't be refunding them for that.

"The answers I'm getting are we have to go through the Department of Education, which shouldn't, in my opinion, you get something at the store you go take it back to the store, you don't take it back to,you know, the corporate place," said Ladner.

Ladner does say though, they got lucky at the Madison campus.

"We got a director here to actually try to work with us a little bit. Corporate's not gonna be that easy to work with, obviously, they don't answer any phones, they won't take any commentary, you know that kind of thing, so it's, it's going to be awhile," he said.

Ladner said on the local level, both the students and instructors are victims in this.

"There's not a lot that they can answer because this was dropped in their lap like it was dropped in ours," he said.

The campus will open for a short time Friday from 11 to 3, for anyone else who needs to get the last of their things.


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