It’s optional, but fall 2020 registration is now open for Huntsville’s virtual academy


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Public schools across the state are rolling out plans for the upcoming school year. All students were required to learn from home when the pandemic first hit.

Traditional classroom learning is still an option for Huntsville students in the fall, but virtual learning is also an option.

“As a homeschooling mom, I’m really excited for the educational diversity for children in our area,” said Courtni Sedlacek.

Huntsville City Schools will now offer the Huntsville Virtual Academy.

“We’re asking all families if they’re going to commit to the virtual school option, we are asking them to try to give it a semester,” said Huntsville City Schools Spokesperson Craig Williams.

Virtual students will remain enrolled at their neighborhood school. They can still participate in clubs and sports. Furthermore, Nov. 23 and 24 will be e-learning days leading into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Courtni Sedlacek has homeschooled her kids since day one. She understands the flexibility this can give parents right now.

“Another option is always to our children’s benefit, especially for the parents that may not want to jump feet first into homeschooling.” said Sedlacek. “But it’s not working for their kid in the classroom.”

Unlike Huntsville, Madison County Schools has a stand-alone virtual academy. It’s been running for four years. And now Madison County students, regardless of their school zone, can enroll. More than 175 families registered for the upcoming year. Face-to-face and other virtual learning opportunities are still available.

Madison City Schools is working toward releasing its virtual learning options for the next year.

“The main issue is that if you’re thinking you can’t teach your kids is because the mentality is that I’m thinking like I’m in a classroom. Sometimes you have to pivot a little bit,” said Sedlacek. “If you can raise your kid, you can teach your kid.”

Huntsville administrators say 40% of families who responded to their survey say they support a virtual learning option.

Registration is officially open for the Huntsville Virtual Academy. Remember – signing up is optional.

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