It’s National Napping Day! How will you celebrate?

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National Napping Day is an annual and unofficial holiday celebrated the day right after the return of daylight savings time. The Holiday’s purpose is to give everyone a chance to catch up on rest after the clocks spring forward.

According to Holidays Calendar, National Napping Day started in 1999.

Here are a few nap facts shared by

  • Naps around 20 or 30 minutes are best for improving short-term alertness.
  • Napping three times a week results in a 37% decrease in heart-related deaths.
  • Naps can improve performance by 34%.
  • In Ancient Rome, it was common to take a nap after lunch.
  • 60 million Americans are sleep-deprived at any one time.
  • Humans are the only mammals that plan or delay naps.
  • Thinking about a nap can lower blood pressure.
  • Most mammals nap.

All you need to celebrate is a blanket, a soft spot, and a few minutes to close your eyes.

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