It’s been 10 years since Alabama teen’s disappearance


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Wednesday marks a tragic anniversary for a family in the City of Two Rivers.

One decade ago, Shanna Peoples, 19 at the time, disappeared into thin air and hasn’t been seen since.

On September 8, 2011, Elvis McKee’s oldest daughter, Shanna Peoples, was last seen at her boyfriend’s house down the road.

Despite the years that have passed, the pain of the loss has not gotten any easier.

“It don’t get no easier, just someone come forward and give us something,” Mckee said. “Let us know what happened to our daughter. All it takes is one person. Somebody say something, please.”

Geneva Police Chief Pepper Mock says it is still a small town and the person or persons who took Shanna are still in the community itself.

Over the last decade, the F.B.I. has helped coordinate several massive searches for Peoples. She’s also been the subject of network television missing person shows.

“It should bother everybody in this city, somebody local,” Mock said. “It’s probably somebody you see every day that responsible for it so whoever knows anything, any information about it need to remember it could be your child next time, and that should bother everybody in this city.”

“Friends we’re not going to stop until we bring this to a close,” Geneva Police Captain Michael McDuffie said. “We’re going to find Shanna, we’re going to find who did this if it takes beyond my tenure and the one comes in behind me is working it.”

Despite the passage of time, authorities say they track down leads on a daily and weekly basis on Shanna’s case.

Chief Pepper Mock emphasizes that he believes the person or persons responsible for Shanna’s disappearance remain in the community.

If you can help with the ongoing investigation, contact the Geneva Police Department at 334-684-2777.

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