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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – No matter where you are,  experts say you need to be cautious of hackers. “Let’s say you go to Starbucks and sign onto AT&T’s Wi-Fi. There could very easily be someone there intercepting your traffic,” PeopleSec CEO Joshua Crumbaugh said.

Crumbaugh said someone could be spying on you. “What that means to you is when you submit a credit card number, let’s say to buy something on Amazon; they now have that. Even if you check your email, they now have access to that email account,” Crumbaugh said.

Crumbaugh’s company teaches everyday people how to prevent from falling victim to a cyber crime.

Logging onto Wi-Fi is something most people do and risking your personal information isn’t something many think about. “People don’t think about it because humans like to believe that humans are good and they will not do anything malicious,” Crumbaugh explained.

Crumbaugh said people should also be paying close attention to emails they receive. “A lot of people don’t realize this, but you can hover over that link in an email. At the very bottom of the page, it will show you where that URL or that link is actually going,” Crumbaugh said.

He said people can be one click away from having all of their information exposed, so it’s best to be careful.