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The Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a non-partisan watchdog group, has filed an IRS complaint against the Foundation for Moral Law, the non-profit founded by Moore and currently headed by his wife. The CLC says the foundation illegally promoted Moore’s campaign.

The Campaign Legal Center’s Brendan Fischer explains, “We noticed the Foundation for Moral Law, a charity that he founded, that is currently led by his wife, was particularly active in promoting his candidacy. ”

But Fischer said federal law bars charities from supporting political candidates.

He elaborates, “Charities, by law, are prohibited from engaging in electoral politics. And the reason for that is because charities are tax-exempt donors to charities get a tax write-off for their contribution.”

The CLC asked the IRS in September to investigate the foundation, and it updated the request Nov. 20 with additional examples of alleged connections between the foundation and the campaign

Fischer continues, “Foundation for Moral Law was actively promoting Roy Moore`s candidacy, in a series of Facebook posts, in a series of emailed newsletters, Roy Moore`s charity was actively promoting Roy Moore`s candidacy.”

For example, one post shared by the foundation even contains a link to Roy Moore’s Senate campaign page.

The IRS doesn`t comment on investigations, but Fischer says that`s a clear violation of the law.

This is the second time the CLC has raised alarm about Moore’s campaign practices. They previously complained that Moore failed to disclose income he made from speeches, as evidenced by the fact that they didn’t match his state ethics disclosures. The Moore Campaign later amended the federal disclosures.

We reached out to the Moore campaign, which pointed us to the Foundation for Moral Law. A spokesperson told us, “We are filing suit, it is being prepared and therefore we cannot discuss it.” They didn’t tell us who they intended to sue. The spokesperson also said the Facebook page is not an official page of the Foundation for Moral Law. The page is labeled as “Just for Fun” on Facebook, but the “about” section of the page says it is “maintained by the staff of the Foundation for Moral Law” and the page lists the contact info and website for the foundation.

Below are a few Facebook posts from the Foundation for Moral Law’s Facebook page that pertain to his Senate race.