Investigators: Tennessee Highway Patrol cruiser smashed by semi truck that didn’t ‘move over’

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The Tennessee Highway Patrol says their trooper survived with fairly minor injuries, but it could have been much worse. Investigators say someone driving a semi truck failed to move over when a trooper and deputy were working a wreck on Interstate 24 on Saturday.

They say the truck crashed into the trooper’s cruiser, which got pushed into the grass on the shoulder and also crashed into a deputy’s cruiser.

Tennessee Highway Patrol says the trooper had cuts and abrasions, and will be several days, but survived. Two other deputies were on the scene and were able to move out of the way

The agencies involved are using this crash as a reminder for motorists to move over as the law requires. So are law enforcement agencies from all 50 states, which all have ‘move over’ laws, by sharing the incident on social media reminding all drivers to be safe.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office retweeted the wreck saying, in part, if you approach red blue or amber lights, #move over, if you can’t move over, slow down!

The Tennessee Highway Patrol stresses slowing down *no matter what* for those signals especially at night. You can review Tennessee’s law here and Alabama’s here.

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