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ARDMORE, Ala. – The power of social media helped a veteran reconnect with his missing dog Wednesday.

David Lenoir recently lost Banks, an English Bulldog, in Ardmore.  The dog went missing on Monday, March 21 in the Gatlin Road/Mitchell Loop area near Alabama 251.  Lenoir said a woman spotted Banks on Fogg Lane, but he ran away before she could get to him.

Demario Hardy
Demario Hardy’s family found Banks and returned him to owner David Lenoir on March 23.

Demario Hardy owns a mobile car washing business.  He was in Ardmore when someone pulled up and asked if he wanted to buy a dog.  He later realized the dog belonged to Lenoir and set up a reunion Wednesday.

“Checking out my Facebook I actually came across a post,” Hardy said,  “I called and he was excited about it and I had to get him back home,” he added.

Lenoir served in the U.S. Army, and has had Banks ever since he returned from a tour in Iraq.  Lenoir has PTSD and says the dog has helped him through some hard times.

David Lenoir with his bulldog, Banks
David Lenoir with his bulldog, Banks

“I was having a lot of issues, not being able to sleep, getting angry really easily. Banks has helped me move on with my life and he’s my daily dose of medicine,” said Lenoir. “He’s what keeps me level-headed and calm.”

Demario Hardy’s family had a long goodbye with Banks, sad to see the friendly dog go.  “But to bring him back home, on puppy day, I appreciate being able to do that for him and the family,” said Hardy.

It’s unknown who found and sold the dog, but Lenoir plans to set up play-dates with Banks and the family that returned him.

David Lenoir and the Hardy family play with Banks at the happy reunion.
David Lenoir and the Hardy family play with Banks at the happy reunion. Photo: Shevaun Bryan WHNT