UPDATE: Insane amount of water cascades into Cathedral Caverns on Christmas Day

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - We continue to discover incredible footage of the torrential downpour on Friday.

Darlene Pendergrass sent us video she captured at Cathedral Caverns in Marshall County on Christmas Day.

Her husband, Lamar, is the manager at Cathedral Caverns State Park.  She says on Christmas morning, she and her husband along with their two daughters went up to check out the condition of the cave from the off and on rainfall in the area.

At the time, she said it was only sprinkling and there was no water flooding into the cave.  They checked out the bridge over Mystery River which at that time still lacked a few feet from the bottom of the bridge.  But, about 30 minutes later as they got closer to the head of the cave, her husband noticed water streaming in.  She told us he exclaimed "Oh no! This isn't good."

"The water was flowing down the walkway so strong and fast that you couldn't walk without it sweeping your feet out from under you," she said.

Her video shows that incredible amount of water gushing into the cavern.

They eventually did make it out.  A few hours later, after several more off and on showers, they went back to the cave and found the inside flooded.

She said, "The bridge over Mystery River was about 3' under water and the water extended up the pathway approximately 100 yards reaching the column known as 'Goliath.'

She said the state park employees have been working to clean up mud and debris from the mouth of the cave and parts of the pathway where water had covered it.

WHNT News 19 Meteorologist Jake Reed says based on observations in the surrounding area, the caverns probably experienced 8-9" of rain on Friday.

Take a look at the video above and a photo gallery below from another WHNT News 19 viewer, Donna Prickett.

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