Indiana woman accused of killing husband, using ax to chop up body and asking kids to help dispose of it


(La Porte County Sheriff’s Office)

(NEXSTAR) – A 34-year-old Indiana woman faces multiple charges after she allegedly murdered and partially dismembered her husband in late July.

New court documents say Thessalonica Allen also asked her two teenage children to help dispose of the body of Randy Allen, whom she allegedly shot and killed on July 27, the Northwest Indiana Times reports.

Thessalonica Allen faces charges of murder, delinquency of a minor, abuse of a corpse, alteration of a death scene, and neglect of a dependent.

Randy Allen was helping the two children do homework on July 27 when he noticed a website that he believed their mother had visited and confronted her about the site after she got home, the documents say. The children told investigators they then heard a loud bang come from the bedroom.

The teenagers told police that Thessalonica Allen instructed them to ignore Randy Allen, who was lying on the ground asking them to call 911. After he died, investigators say she stuffed his body in her daughter’s closet.

In the middle of the night, investigators say she woke up her children and convinced them to help her move the body to a vehicle, but it was too heavy, according to WSBT. The following day, Thessalonica Allen used an ax to cut off Randy Allen’s legs after failing to fit his body in a plastic tote and recruited her children to help put the body parts in a bag and clean up the apartment.

The woman’s ex-partner, who she has a child with, told police that she called him to her home and showed him the body, then asked him for help moving it, according to the court documents.

She allegedly claimed that Randy had been beating her and the children. Instead of helping her, however, he refused and later called the police to report a murder.

Police said while searching the apartment they found a handwritten list of tasks that included:

  1. Spray s*** in face, hit him in right knee w/ hammer
  2. Hit w/hammer/stab him
  3. Roll body up in sheets & plastic bags

An autopsy found that a bullet entered Randy Allen’s arm and penetrated the right side of his chest/abdomen. A doctor determined that the bullet entered the spinal cord area, leaving him unable to move as he bled out.

“We’re devastated. This was a senseless murder that didn’t have to happen,” said Randy’s older sister, Sharon Colmen, told WSBT.

Thessalonica Allen is due in court Friday morning.

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