Two Huntsville City School students caught with a firearm on campus within one month

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A Columbia High School senior is facing expulsion after bringing a gun to campus.

The incident happened only three weeks after a second grader from another school, Blossomwood Elementary, brought a gun to school and shot himself in the hand.

Huntsville City Schools Board President Elisa Ferrell said a student reported the gun at Columbia.

"The principal was notified, they called the police," Ferrell said. "The principal and police got the young man up into the office and it was all resolved quickly."

The high school senior has been suspended and he's facing expulsion.

"An expulsion team/board will handle that," Ferrell said. "It's consisting of educators that will make those decisions. They do have first and foremost the safety of our students and staff in mind."

According to Huntsville City Schools Behavioral Learning Guides, there are different policies in place for elementary, middle and high schools.

If a middle or high schooler brings a firearm to a Huntsville school campus, they immediately face expulsion.

"We can determine to expel an elementary student,  but that's in an extreme situation," Ferrell said.

Ferrell said the school's program of "see something, say something" has made an impact in the classroom. In this case, because a student spoke up, they were able to get the weapon off the school's campus.

Ferrell said the senior with the gun was a transfer student from another state. She said the school system needs to come up with a better system to get student records more quickly.

The school has started hosting school safety engagement forums.

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