Ida Gaining Strength In The Gulf


Hurricane Ida is moving over some of the warmest and deepest water in the Gulf of Mexico right now, and has been intensifying all day. Ida is expected to continue strengthening as it approaches the Louisiana coast tomorrow, where it will make landfall as a major hurricane.

Ida is projected to be a major hurricane at landfall, and produce life threatening surge and flooding, and wind. Surge could be as high as 15 feet in parts of Southeast Louisiana, and winds could gust as high as 165 mph in the most intense part of the eyewall.

Ida takes a turn to the right after landfall, meaning we’ll see some heavy rain from this storm Monday night and Tuesday. Some severe weather can’t be ruled out in some of Ida’s stronger bands as they move across Northwest and North Central Alabama either.

The timing of the worst weather we get from Ida’s remnants will be from Monday evening through the day on Tuesday. Highest impacts will probably be in Northwest Alabama, but any one spot could deal with flooding, a gust of wind over 30 mph, or a spinning shower capable of producing a tornado.

While the remnant low of Ida stays over Mississippi, we’ll be in some of the heavier rain the storm produces inland, and in a position in relation to the storm where segments of outer bands sometimes spin and produce gusty winds and tornadoes, so make sure you have several ways to receive weather information Monday night and Tuesday.

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