‘I don’t think family is all tied with bloodlines;’ Tennessee man takes in 89-year-old Navy vet

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Antioch, Tennessee (WSMV) — A Navy veteran’s life has undergone an overwhelming change, and it all had the unlikely start of a golf lesson.

“What do I do at the golf course? I teach,” said 89-year-old Art Quick, standing at Family Golf Center in Antioch.

Six-year-old Malia is set to be a strong golfer someday. After all, she’s got a teacher in Quick.

“Right there,” said Quick, showing Malia how to hold her hands around a club. “That’s what makes it strong.”

Art’s been helping Malia and dad Corey Jones with their swing.

“He’s a good athlete,” said Quick, watching Jones knock another golf ball into the field.

“Well, he did okay,” smiled Malia.

One day, Jones found a way he could help Quick.

Quick was living in motels along the Bell Road area.

“My whole family has passed away,” he said. “They’re all gone.”

Quick said that motel life wasn’t right for him anymore, and he wasn’t sure where he could go next.

Jones had a plan.

“I couldn’t imagine being alone, especially at the point he’s in in his life,” said Jones.

Jones took Quick into his home.

There, pictures decorate the refrigerator and golf’s always on the TV in a place that feels like home.

“He let me stay here and be a part of the family,” said Quick.

“I don’t think family is all tied with blood lines,” said Jones. “It’s the people who take care of one another, that’s family. He’s Navy, and I’m a Marine. That’s a close brotherhood there.”

“Would you like for me to get that, Mr. Art?” asked Malia, reaching down to pick up a golf ball for Quick.

With Quick’s coaching, Malia knocked a ball far into the field.

“There! You see that now! That’s the idea,” said Quick. “You did good today! Gimme five!”

Jones, Quick and Malia know by helping each other, great things can happen.

“That’s what life is all about,” said Quick.

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