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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some roadways were closed Monday night because of ice.

Huntsville Police closed the ramp from North Memorial Parkway to I-565 west and the ramp from South Memorial to I-565 west.

Don Webster with HEMSI said ambulances responded to 11 accidents between 6 and 9 p.m., there were no life-threatening injuries at any of those accidents.

The Alabama Department of Transportation is urging drivers to use caution when driving throughout the area, but especially on bridges and overpasses.

Monday morning several roads were closed and treated by crews to remove dangerous snow and ice for drivers.

“Blading the snow of the roadways, treating with salt and potassium acetate, just to keep roads clear,” says Seth Burkett with the ALDOT.

The Alabama Department of Transportation says Tuesday will likely be more of the same.

“When you have all of this moisture on the roadways and the temperatures of course got above freezing, some of that frozen precipitation will have melted and turned into water. We will potentially see some of that moisture re-freezing now any of that moisture that’s in the travel lanes or that’s run back into the travel lanes in the roadway could refreeze and cause a potential hazard for motorists,” says Seth Burkett.

ALDOT says motorists should avoid travel if possible over night Monday and into Tuesday morning. If you must hit the roads, reduce your speed and increase your traveling distance behind other vehicles.