Hydroplaning on I-565 an issue because roads are not yet finished


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When heavy rain starts and water hits roadways hydroplaning becomes a problem, and roads in Huntsville are no exception. Several concerned viewers have reached out to News 19 regarding dangerous hydroplaning on recently repaved Interstate 565.

News 19 reached out to the Alabama Department of Transportation to see if, and how, the problem is being addressed.

ALDOT says slick conditions occur because the road is not actually finished. They said, “the final pavement layer has not been placed.”

That final layer, often used on interstates, is an open-grade friction course and it allows water to drain from roadways easier. This kind of surface reduces ponding, spraying and hydroplaning.

It is often used in areas with a lot of high-speed traffic where water may pool causing dangerous conditions. It also gives tires better traction regardless of the weather conditions. But, while it is safer, it is not used on all roads because of the cost and it has a shorter lifespan.

Now, as far as I-565 goes, the final layer is not expected to be paved until next year after the temperature warms back up. ALDOT says the project could be completed by the 2022 summer. News 19 followed up asking if ALDOT sees an issue with the current timeline given the number of wrecks that happen on this road, but we have not heard back yet.

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