Zipcar brings third location to Village of Providence

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A third location for Zipcar has made its way to Huntsville, this time landing at the Village of Providence.

Day or night, for one hour or 24, this car could be yours. Zipcar is a community car sharing service. "Zipcar is geared towards people who want to use cars as an alternative to having a second car," said Tedera Lipsey, Field Marketing Manager for Zipcar.

It’s always geared towards college students living in dorms or people traveling from out-of-town, which is why the third location for zip car landed here at Village of Providence.

"If you're in town and staying at a hotel and need to grab some things from down the street, you can walk out here scan your zip card and there ya go!" said Todd Slyman, Town Founder for Village of Providence.

There's no office to go into, just a car, and a sign. So how does it work?

"So just download the app," said Lipsey. From there? You'll get a Zipcard in the mail. "You take the card and there's a scanner box on top {of the car], and you would scan the card.  The car will unlock and the keys are inside the vehicle. Every vehicle the gas and insurance is included with 180 miles for every vehicle."

These two additions to the Village have been in the works for six months. "We are very excited about our partnership with Zipcar," said Slyman.

They plan to monitor the usage of the cars to see if more locations are needed in the future.

The Zipcar app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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