WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – A special celebration was held in Huntsville Tuesday for a WWII veteran who turned 100 years old. Robert Walker was honored at a party at the Lloyd E. Tut Fann veterans home. Walker served in the army under famous WWII general, George Patton.

Walker was joined by his son, Jimmy, who says his dad is not only a hero but also an amazing father. He says he feels fortunate to celebrate this amazing life moment with his father.

“It is really a unique experience that you can have a parent to 100 years and its just such a wonderful, wonderful feeling to be able to celebrate this day with him,” Jimmy Walker said.

Since Walker is known for his love of chocolate, organizers of the party made sure to have chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate milk, and chocolate Hershey bars.

While the man loves chocolate, Jimmy Walker says that isn’t his dad’s secret to living a long life. He says the veteran worked hard his whole life – and that hard work is what ended up paying off.

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