Wounded veterans celebrate Heroes Week 2019 in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Dave and Buster’s family entertainment center served as a place for heroes to gather on Sunday.

The Semper Fi Community Task Force hosts ‘Heroes Week’ and gives military veterans the opportunity to release and relax. Whether that be at a formal event, on a yacht cruise, or even here at an arcade.

Steve Mozian served in the Vietnam War, and now he serves as the Heroes Week chairman.

Mozian helps organize the event annually.

Wounded heroes from all branches of the military, their spouses, and caregivers are flown to Huntsville for a week of red carpet treatment ahead of Veterans Day each year.

Mozian said his input in organizing each trip is personal.

“Veterans of my generation came back from war and we were denigrated,” he explained. “Most of us made a silent vow that we would never let a generation of veterans come back, or serve their country and be treated the way we were.”

Events like these give veterans the opportunity to meet, exchange experiences, and build relationships.

Mozian said this is the least he could do to show vets the love he never received after the Vietnam War.

“Every morning when you get up and go out and get in your car and go drive to work or go drive your children to school,” he explained.  “There’s a young man or young woman, somewhere in the world, defending your right to do that.”

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