HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Some Huntsville residents ditched Black Friday shopping to descend downtown for a World Cup watch party Friday afternoon.

Holmes Avenue was shut down between Jefferson and Spragins streets for the jam-packed party for World Cup fans hoping to watch Team USA overcome England.

Fans rode an emotional rollercoaster all afternoon — anxiously awaiting one team to score though neither would and the game ended in a tie. Some fans brought chairs, laid on towels, or gathered under tents — but many stood eyes glued on the Jumbotron.

Soccer fan John Cashin said he was pleased to see the support for his favorite sport.

“Not like this, and I’m from Huntsville… I lived outside the country in the Caribbean [or] Africa for 30 years,” Cashin explained. “I’m glad to see it. I’m a big soccer fan.”

There was a pretty equal amount of fans for both teams, but what happens when two friends in the same group put their money on opposite squads?

Luke Fanstone and Joey Moore were those friends, college buddies, rooting against one another.

“USA taking the second half, I hope England takes the dub, no shot,” Fanstone said.

Moore says they keep the rivalry to a minimum, stating “We can keep it pretty calm, but if we score… just know we’re going to be dog piling him.”

The block party continues into Saturday with more games being played. Residents can expect Holmes Avenue to completely reopen by 9 p.m. on Saturday night.