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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Officials are investigating an officer-involved shooting at Stadium Apartments in Huntsville that left a woman dead. Madison County Coroner Tyler Berryhill confirmed early Thursday afternoon that the woman had died at a hospital. Huntsville police identified the woman as Crystal Danielle Ragland, 32. Police responded to the apartments in the 3200 block of Westheimer Drive at approximately 8:45 a.m. Huntsville Police Department spokesman Lt. Michael Johnson said residents claimed a woman was pointing a weapon at them.
  He says two officers arrived to the Stadium Apartments and both fired their weapons during the incident. “All I know is that I heard the gunshots,” a female witness told WHNT News 19. That witness staying at the Stadium Apartments and says she was awoken by the confrontation between Crystal Danielle Ragland and police. This woman wants to remain anonymous, but shot video of the aftermath using Facebook Live. In it, you can see a sliding glass door that appears to have been shot and police standing next to Ragland.
Police say they responded to a call a little around 8:45 Thursday morning. “The details of the call were that she was pointing that weapon at neighbors, and or residents in the area, just prior to the officers’ arrival,” Lt. Michael Johnson said. Johnson says Police knocked on Ragland’s front door and exited out the back. He says police engaged in a verbal confrontation with her for about a minute. He says they asked her to put the gun down and she did not heed to their request. He says Ragland did not fire at police. “She did not have an opportunity to, but it was leading up to that moment but the officers were able to fire first,” he said. Ragland was seriously wounded by the gunfire. At this time, Police cannot confirm how many times she was shot. The Madison County Coroner says Ragland died at the hospital. Another person who lives at the apartment complex who didn’t want to be interviewed on camera tells us Ragland was a veteran and suffered from PTSD. Police were not able to confirm that information Thursday. After the shooting police dispatched an entire investigative unit to the scene including the criminal investigation department commander. “A lot of physical evidence on this scene, it’s very cumbersome to find shell casings in grass. You’ve got to look for any bullets that may be in the general area of the building, inside the building,” Johnson said. Both the officers were placed on administrative duty. This shooting will be reviewed by police incident review board. Johnson says no other residents there were hurt during this incident.