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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Residents in a southeast Huntsville neighborhood say different acts of theft and vandalism have come to their homes in the last several weeks. Putting neighbors on edge during the height of online holiday shopping.

“At first it was the theft of a gazing ball out of our side yard, which we thought was just a prank,” resident Yolanda McLain explained. “And then (those responsible) did graffiti on the electric box which the city has promptly came and cleared up. Then I also learned later that some of our neighbors had other vandalism on their property. Then later we’ve had boxes taken from our house and found in our neighbor’s yard. Fortunately they left the items in the box. Then later our mail was taken out of the mailbox and two packages taken off our front porch.”

McLain said she’s reported several of the instances to Huntsville Police Department’s South Precinct and hopes for a sharper crackdown in her neighborhood along Garth Road.

HPD didn’t return a request for comment because of the holiday weekend, but McLain said she has since installed thousands of dollars’ worth of Ring-brand security cameras.

One package containing those cameras she says was opened and damaged by the porch pirates.