‘Wired For Christ’ non-profit installs security camera systems in churches for free

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A local non-profit organization is seeking the opportunity to help area churches and their members feel safe, and they want to offer that peace of mind for free.

“We really felt like this was the right time to start a ministry like this,” said Jason Corrigan, President/CEO of Wired For Christ. “I really felt God calling me to do something different with this military background and security experience.”

Wired For Christ is a non-profit organization that installs security camera systems in Christian churches for free. Seriously, no catch!

“We were looking for a non-invasive way to provide security for the congregation,” Corrigan explained.

The organization provides security cameras inside and outside facilities; focusing on vulnerable areas like entrances, classrooms, and sanctuaries.

These security camera systems are a way to either help deter or capture instances of theft, burglary, arson, and child physical abuse in churches.

Wired For Christ also offers free security consulting, security camera installation, and facility assessments.

“A lot of churches just don’t know where to start,” Corrigan said. “Even if they don’t want cameras, at least we can help them define security procedures, identify a security team, and really just get started.”

Ultimately, it’s all about the safety of others, and of course, giving back.

“We know the churches out there in the community are serving and making an impact, and we want to make an impact for them,” Corrigan continued.

The only real requirement the non-profit has for system installations is that churches either already have or plan to have a security team in place to manage the security cameras.

Learn more about scheduling an assessment and supporting Wired For Christ here at www.wiredforchrist.org.

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