Winter weather has teams on alert in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Key players in the Huntsville area are on alert, getting ready for morning weather that could bring ice and sleet to the roads.

A briefing at the Emergency Management Agency with the National Weather Service means a chance to plan, so everyone knows what to do and when the weather could begin.

Barricades are already laid out in Huntsville in case roads get as slick as predicted, and City of Huntsville Public Works and Huntsville Police crews are on standby to work on any problem spots.

Chris McNeese, public works director, asks you to respect any barricades you may see. Be on the lookout for them as you drive to work, so if one is blocking your normal route you don’t get taken by surprise.

“We would strongly encourage all the traveling public to give themselves plenty of time to get to work,” he advised.  “We have material stockpiled, we have the salt and the rock ready to deploy as needed.”

Still, law enforcement and agency leaders across the area want you to stay home in the morning if you can, and keep a sharp eye on what it’s like outside if you can’t.

Huntsville City Schools is planning on opening at its regularly scheduled time. (You can check the updated list here.) Spokesperson Keith Ward explained that weather safety teams from the district are “monitoring both the road conditions and the weather conditions.” He said, “If things change then we will send out a school notification in the morning.”

It may seem simple to say, but it’s common sense: please be careful while driving as weather can change quickly and road conditions can, too.


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