Will there be an economic impact for the state over Bentley’s resignation?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — With all the turmoil in Montgomery some might be wondering what former Governor Robert Bentley’s resignation will mean for the economic impact of not only the state, but here in North Alabama.

A governor tends to have a lot of influence in recruiting companies to a state. But Senator Arthur Orr doesn’t think there is much potential fall out to worry about over this resignation.

“As far as any turmoil that may be occurring in state government, I have to say that it may be a small factor but it certainly wouldn’t be a large factor in the decision,” he said.

Senator Orr said there is a vast array of things that attract companies to an area, more so than just who the governor is.

“Companies will pick a site because they like the site, they like the environment, they like the workforce in that area or the schools,” he explained.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said North Alabama has been very fortunate, with Bentley even lending a hand now and then.

“Over the last eight years 16,000 jobs have come into this area. We’ve been able to add two billion dollars worth of industrial plants and capital expenditures,” said Mayor Battle.

But he has no worries about how this might impact the economic opportunities for Huntsville.

“I think everybody will pull together to continue to make this a success, and maybe even pull together now that the problems are behind us to start looking at a bright future,” said Battle.

The Aerojet announcement is one of the most recent announcements for growth in Huntsville, with officials saying to expect more to come in the near future.