Will Culver talks Zierdt Road widening, E-scooters and council pay raise vote

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Zierdt Road has become one of the busiest roads in Madison. And neighbors have been waiting years to see it finished.

It’s taken four phases and around $21 million, but Huntsville city leaders are promising the road will be widened soon.

City councilman Will Culver met with neighbors to talk about the project and he discussed two contentious votes the council recently took.

“It’s been a long arduous and taxing process,” Culver said.

For years, Huntsville leaders were told widening Zierdt Road would take a decade.

“We had to acquire right of way. Some residents fought it, we had some residents sue us,” Culver said.

Huntsville city leaders partnered with Madison, along with getting right of way from Redstone Arsenal, the two west lanes of Zierdt are set to be paved.

“Very soon, I’m hoping we’ll see at least some phases of it before Thanksgiving,” Culver said.

Councilman Will Culver delivered this news to neighbors in Madison on Tuesday evening.

“That portion of the road will not only be finished, but operational by the time we get into the Trash Pandas season,” Culver said.

Traffic wasn’t the only hot button issue at last week’s council meeting. City leaders ultimately rejected a proposal to open downtown to electric rideshare scooters.

“If we’re going to allow the people to use the scooters, maybe we cut it off at 10:00 p.m.,” Culver said. “Because we have an entertainment district, the Quigley district, and Meridian district, and we want people to have fun.”

Culver said ‘no’ to the proposal but remains open to the idea until the ordinance is worked out. He also supported a plan for a pay raise for the mayor and city council members, which he says hasn’t happened in 11 years.

“This job really demands more than part-time. We’re not trying to make it a full-time job,” Culver said. “We’re just saying let’s create a pay that’s compensatory.”

Mayor Battle vetoed the council vote. This week, the council may choose to override the mayor’s veto for a pay raise.

Culver says he expects the Zierdt Road project to be finished by 2022.

The council will meet for a budget work session on Thursday evening.

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