Why vote in municipal elections?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - With both presidential and municipal elections around the corner, community leaders are urging citizens to take advantage of their right to vote. WHNT News 19 spoke with the Chairman of the Madison County Republican Executive Committee about this unusual election year and our local elections.

"Municipal elections is where government is closest to you," said Sam Givhan, Madison County GOP Chairman. "Your vote there, while it's important, is very small compared to the number of votes cast whereas in a municipal election especially a city council seat, board of education seat, your vote means a whole lot more."

Givhan says to be a responsible voter - means to educate yourself on all candidates. For municipal elections, he recommends seeking out different forums your city hosts to see all options.

"There are a number of forums that are out there that are non-partisan and several of the groups both, that are partisan are having these non-partisan people come out and address them," said Givhan.

Now moving on to the presidential election, Givhan said this year's election has sparked the interest of new voters.

"It's very interesting because normally we would not open our headquarters until say after labor day," said Givhan.

Givhan says keeping an eye on key battleground states ahead of November is imperative.

"We know there are certain states like Alabama, they're going to be red states, they're going to go for Trump,and certain states, like California, for instance that is going to be a blue state. So what we've got to do is look at those swing states," said Givhan.

For more information on the Madison County GOP, visit their website.