The WHNT News 19 family says farewell to Meteorologist Brandon Chambers


Brandon, Carrie, and Branson (Photo: Drew Galloway/WHNT)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Life is all about transitions. From childhood to adult; from single to married; from child to parent. Nothing, it seems, is constant but change.

We’re both sad and happy to announce that Meteorologist Brandon Chambers is beginning a transition in his life. Brandon and family would like to announce he has accepted a position at Marshall Space Flight Center as a flight controller/payload rack officer.

We’ve got to say, we’re very impressed that Brandon will be working to keep astronauts alive and experiments functional on the International Space Station.

Brandon, a true friend to us all, will be especially missed by our meteorologist team. WHNT News 19 Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson writes about Brandon:

Since his first day on the job, Brandon Chambers has been a rock for this weather team.  He arrived shortly after the April 27th tornado outbreak, and I arrived a few months later.  He made it easy for me to make the transition into the chief meteorologist role here at WHNT News 19, and he helped push us all from good to great over the past several years.  We have spent many long days and nights here covering severe weather and winter storms; he has never said no when called upon to do what the job requires.

Occasionally, Brandon went way above and beyond the call of duty!  Tornado Warnings went up early on the morning of March 2, 2012 as several tornadoes tore through Limestone and Madison Counties.  This man woke up out of a dead sleep, got dressed and raced into the station to help with coverage.  That’s not the extraordinary part, though.  On arrival, Brandon saw that he had hair sticking up on one side of his head – so he cut it.  Right there in the office.  With dull scissors.  Lucky for him (and the rest of us), he has Carrie to save him from himself now!

In other words, Brandon will be missed around here.  He is brilliant and has a sharp wit.  You know this if you have ever been on the wrong end of his dry humor.  Brandon’s move to NASA is well-deserved; he is a hard-working, committed scientist who wants to make the heavens above and the world below a better place.  I know he will find success; that’s what he does.

He is leaving us in better shape than he found us; now he takes that next step to be part of something that only the brightest minds in the world get to touch.  Congratulations, Brandon.  Do us proud!

You’ll still be able to see his wife, Carrie Marchese, on the WHNT News 19 noon show. Of course, you’ll have to wait until she returns from maternity leave. The couple just welcomed their second son, Bennett, to their family.

Brandon’s last day with us is Sept. 6th.

We love you, Brandon, and we will miss you!

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