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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Wednesday’s bombshell developments in Lee County, Florida shook the family of Amy Patterson, a Huntsville native who is presumed dead after being missing for more than a year.

Patterson’s brother Daryoush Salehi spoke exclusively with WHNT News 19 Wednesday night, and said there’s no doubt that the body recovered by Florida authorities earlier in the day is his older sister.

Salehi said that detectives are expected to give family members final confirmation within the next few days. Sources told WHNT News 19 that Amy Patterson’s dental records have been obtained to help with identification of the body, which was found in the exact location where Daniel Proctor told investigators his ex-wife was buried.

Daryoush Salehi said  the incredible turn of events that started with Proctor’s reported confession brought a much bigger shock than the one he experienced last year, when authorities announced that Amy Patterson was likely dead.

“It’s taken us by surprise,” said Salehi. “Things you thought you could deal with, thought you were prepared for, but you ultimately weren’t.”

Earlier Wednesday, Daniel Proctor’s mother told WHNT News 19 that she had spoken with her son in his jail cell, but that he could not recall the exact chain of events that led to his ex-wife’s death. Proctor reportedly told his mother that he recalled waking up and finding Amy Patterson lying dead in her bed, a story that Salehi called bogus.

“He’s not really the most truthful person,” said Salehi, who expects formal murder charges to be filed within a matter of days. “For him to keep this information away from us for so long, and to go about for a whole year, all this time with the information he had, and not share with a family who’s grieving, just not having the decency to do that.”