Where will Space Command be headquartered? Alabama politicians try to make their case

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - As impeachment proceedings continue in Washington D.C., the United States Air Force is starting to lay the framework for the newly formed U.S. Space Force.

With the uniforms being the newest announcement, the question begs, where will Space Command be headquartered? That announcement could come any time. However, it is expected to take roughly 18 months to really lay out all the logistics for the Space Force.

Still, Alabama politicians in both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House are not stopping their pitches for why Huntsville should be considered.

"There are other places that want it. Colorado, Florida, and Texas. It's competition. Stiff competition. I think this is the right place for it and I'm going to advocate for it" said Rep. Bradley Bryne who is also looking to move from the U.S. House to the Senate.

What does advocating look like in Washington D.C.?

Senator Doug Jones office says he brings the matter up in committee meetings, hearings and he writes letters to top secretarys. Jones is part of the Armed Services Committee.

One letter sent in 2019 to former acting United States Secretary of Defense, Patrick M. Shanahan read in part:

"Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama is uniquely qualified to serve as the location for the new U.S. Space Command headquarters..."

Later in the letter, Senator Jones stated: "The Huntsville area provides an unmatched quality of life and low-cost of living in one of most military-friendly regions of the country."

Read the full letter here: 

Senator Jones says he also consistently brings up the preexisting military infrastructure in Huntsville along with all the companies supporting NASA and space-related exploration.

"It's all of the above. You use everything at your disposal to make sure the people that make this decision at the Air Force, understand all of the assets that we have here in Huntsville," said Rep. Byrne.

WHNT News 19 asked Senator Jones if the impeachment process is slowing anything down in D.C. Specifically in regards to the Space Force/Space command. His office says most military committees and their work has not been impacted. However, not everything is moving the same way it would be had the impeachment probe not happened.

Sen. Jones says it's important that the Air Force takes its time. Jones has voiced some concern over the potential for Space Force spending to become reckless.