What does the future hold for the Cap and Gown Project?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - About four years ago a group of Huntsville teachers started a program called "The Cap and Gown Project". It was designed to take high school students on college tours around the world and it's had a lot of success. "We've gone on over a 100 college tours with over 500 students. We`ve been to about 15 states and we`ve even been to Europe," Jemison High School Teacher and Coach Chris Scribner said.

The Cap and Gown project was developed to take freshman high school students on college tours to places outside of northeast Alabama. "A few teachers in high school felt that not enough students were applying to selective colleges or matriculating to four-year colleges after graduating from high school," Scribner said.

The Cap and Gown project is run strictly by volunteer educators and Scribner said it puts a heavy load on them. "It`s been very difficult as full-time teachers and coaches to raise the money to keep doing the college tours, and the after school tutoring we provide."

Scribner said within the last six months, The Cap and Gown Project has become a 501 C3 Nonprofit, and they're actively searching for someone to run it. "We are currently trying to hire an executive director full-time, who can tackle the fund-raising and programming," Scribner said.

He said all teachers just want their students to fulfill their full potential and for them to have as many options as possible. He believes if the community rallies behind the mission of all students in Huntsville going on college tours around the east coast, it would make a huge difference in the lives of many underrepresented students.

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