Wedding Week volunteers to keep busy marrying couples in downtown Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - From a post on social media to a full blown initiative -- an organization has emerged with the plan to wed couples of all orientations in Big Spring Park East, right across the street from the county courthouse where they would have to first get a certificate.

"We've got same-sex couples who have been engaged for 15 years that have been waiting for it to come to this state," said Heather Reed, spokesperson for Wedding Week.

More than three dozen couples have registered online to be part of the week-long effort to officiate couples of all orientations. More than 600 people have RSVP'd to celebrate the new unions.

Reed says what has made the plans work is city cooperation.

"I met with the parking department, they've got a plan worked out," she said. The probate judge's office also has worked with the organizers to make sure the foot traffic flows from the courthouse across the street to the park without incident.

They had to move it to Big Spring East once they realized the arbor they requested on the square wasn't adequate.

"We had no idea this event was going to turn into hundreds of people," she said.

The Huntsville Police Department will also be there in full force maintaining the safety of the couples and other pedestrians.

"We have a complement of officers that we have dedicated to the downtown area and that complement is sufficient to handle medium to large crowds," said Captain JesHenry Malone.

"My hope is that this runs smoothly and these couple finally get the wedding they always dreamed of, here in Alabama."

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