Several Local Water Authorities Ask Customers to Conserve

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(WHNT) – Weeks without rain and extremely hot conditions have caused water tank levels to be extremely low. Because of this, the following companies have sent out voluntary water conservation notices to their customers.

Limestone County

Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority is urging people to conserve water.

Effective immediately, the water authority urges people to cut their water usage, conserve and only use water for essential purposes.  If you see a water leak, please call (256) 233-6445 ext. 128.

Limestone County is experiencing abnormally dry conditions and the demand on the water system is at an all-time high.

You may experience low water pressure. 

The Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority said it will lift the water use restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so.

Huntsville Utilities

Huntsville Utilities is requesting that water customers that live in neighborhoods east of the Monte Sano/Green Mountain area to stop watering their yards for the next two days (through Sunday, July 1).


The Harvest-Monrovia Water and Sewer Authority has issued Level 3 of the water conservation plan for their customers, effective immediately.  Level 3 refers to mandatory restrictions of water use.  

The Harvest-Monrovia Water Authority asks residents to adhere to the following schedule, if they want to water their lawn:

  1. Monday and Wednesday- Even number houses – between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. ONLY
  2. Tuesday and Thursday- Odd number houses – between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. ONLY
  3. Friday, Saturday, Sunday- No watering whatsoever

Currently, tank levels are low, which may cause low pressure problems for residents.

Violations of Level 3 mandatory restrictions will be punished by fines and or disconnection of water service.

Chisholm Heights and East Lauderdale

The Chisholm Heights Water Authority and East Lauderdale Water Authority both say the tanks are low because of little rain and extremely hot conditions.

Chisholm Heights serves about 1,400 customers and East Lauderdale serves about 3,100 customers. 

You’re asked not to wash your cars or water your lawn for the time being.  Please also water your garden sparingly.

“Our tanks are dangerously low. We’re not dry, but we’re able to maintain about 25 percent in our tanks,” said Ronnie Woodard, manager of East Lauderdale Water Authority. 

Woodard said East Lauderdale’s tanks each hold about half a million gallons. 

“Basically, what’s happened is [customers are] pulling it out of the system before we can get it to the tanks,” said Woodard.  “If they can hold back on their usage, that will allow us to fill the tanks.”


The Greenhill Water Authority is asking customers for voluntary conservation of water, until further notice.


The city of Lexington is urging people to conserve water as drought conditions persist. This is the third water system in Lauderdale County to issue water conservation notices.

Lexington asks people to observe the following measures:

  1. No washing of automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers or any other vehicle or part of.
  2. All water customers are encouraged to repair any significant leak(s) within a timely manner.
  3. Customers are encouraged not to water or irrigate lawns, landscapes or other turf areas (to include vegetables or flower gardens).
  4. Customers are encouraged not to wash sidewalks, walkways or parking areas except for the removal of harmful substances.  
  5. Customers are encouraged not to maintain, clean or fill pools and fountains.
  6. Farmers should use other sources for agricultural water.

These measures will be in effect until water reaches sufficient levels to supply water under normal demand.

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