Warrant Phone Scam Targets Madison County Residents

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The newest phone scam to target unsuspecting residents is gaining momentum by preying on people’s fear of being incarcerated.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of callers claiming that the resident has a warrant from another county or state.  The caller goes on to say the person can pay the bond via credit card.

At least one woman has been taken by this scam, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.  Many other people have called to report it.

“The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will NEVER contact you by phone with information that you have a warrant, nor will we EVER request you pay for a bond or any other fees by credit card over the telephone,” said the Madison County Sheriff’s Office in a news release.

Unfortunately, this type of scam is all too common.  This is just another example of confidence men and women attempting to steal credit card and other personal information.

WHNT News 19 urges you to never give your credit card number, bank confrontation, or personal information to ANYONE via telephone, email, or text.

If you are contacted and unsure about the legitimacy of the phone call, email, or text, please exercise caution by going to a physical location to investigate any claims.  A little bit of extra time and caution could save you thousands of dollars and months of work to straighten up any frauds.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office advises that if you receive this or any other suspicious calls, you may contact them to investigate at mcsoinfo@madisoncountyal.gov.

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