Von Braun Center warns of social media scams


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Concertgoers beware! The Von Braun Center is warning of scams on social media. Fake tickets are being sold by fake social media pages. Scammers are pretending to be not only the VBC, but Mars Music Hall and Rhythm on Monroe.

The VBC’s Samantha Nielsen said ticket scalping and other ticket-selling scams are not new, but over the past year they’ve ramped up on social media in a way she’s never seen, even being forced to make VBC-hosted events private so she could monitor posts to make sure people aren’t trying to take advantage of others.

“It could be fake accounts that are popping up, fake events that are popping up, especially now during COVID theres so much confusion with events canceling and postponing, and anytime there’s confusion like that there’s going to be people trying to take advantage,” Nielsen said.

She said some days, she’s waking up to more than 50 attempted scams of bots pretending to be people selling their tickets.

She warns people to look at post dates to make sure you haven’t stumbled upon a fake page that has stolen content from the VBC to appear real. She said lately she’s seeing scams from those fake pages even doing ticket giveaways.

If you do win a VBC ticket giveaway, organizers will always ask you to contact them, not the other way around. Nielsen said the only way to ensure you’re not scammed is to only buy tickets through the VBC website or ticket master.

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