Von Braun Center reiterates crowd safety protocols following Houston concert tragedy


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — With all the devastation at the Astroworld Music Festival, some people are questioning their own concert venues.

Huntsville’s Von Braun Center includes an arena, an exhibit hall, and a concert hall. It’s a facility where thousands of people gather regularly.

The maximum arena seating capacity at the VBC is 10,000 and Samantha Nielsen, the director of marketing and public relations, says their top priority is safety.

While they are in the business of providing a space where people can have fun, they are also in the business of keeping people safe while they have a good time.

Nielsen says number one, they never oversell any of their venues. All spaces have a certain capacity set by the Huntsville Fire Marshal and they don’t go over that capacity. Nielsen adds that most people on staff are actually trained in crowd management and they keep a close eye on everyone during events.

“So, at any point during a show — we’ll have security on the floor, we’ll have security in high points of all the facilities overlooking the crowd,” said Nielsen. “That person’s main priority is not just for security of people getting out of hand, but to see if somebody’s maybe getting overheated or looks like they’re short of breath.”

Nielsen says all those with security are in constant communication and if there’s a problem, they can easily talk over radios and get any issue resolved quickly.

In the nearly 50 years the VBC has been open, Nielsen says they’ve never experienced any major issues like what happened at Astroworld. She says they feel confident in the procedures set in place.

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