Volunteers taking pride in cleaning up Ditto Landing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Severe flooding closed Ditto Landing in Huntsville for five weeks. Now, they have reopened but damage still lingers.

Just a few weeks ago Ditto Landing was completely flooded. Now, the water has cleared, but executive director Brandi Quick said problems still remain.

“We had about three inches of mud on all of our parking lots and sidewalks,” she explained. “Beyond that, we still had a lot of debris. A lot of wood, logs sticks but then also a lot of just trash and litter that came in with that water.”

Saturday, volunteers of all ages came to help out.

Volunteers like Collin Wallace are making the most of their time volunteering. “We’re having a really great time helping clean up,” he said. “We’re cleaning up Ditto Landing and piling up dirt.”

There were more than a hundred volunteers spread out all throughout the park; cleaning up and leaving Ditto Landing in much better shape than they found it.

Quick explained how important Ditto Landing is for Huntsville. “This is the only place in Huntsville that the public can get to the river, so we want it to be pretty and pleasant,” she said. “And the more that we keep it clean, the more it will stay clean; the more people will take pride in visiting Ditto Landing.”

Volunteers like Wallace are already taking pride in their work.

“We’re big helpers,” he proclaimed.

If you want to take part in cleaning Ditto Landing, it’s not too late. There is a South Huntsville cleanup event taking place on April 13 and Ditto Landing will be a part of that event. You can also clean up on your own anytime.

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