HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Meridianville woman just got the surprise of a lifetime.

After helping her during an emergency call, the Moore’s Mill Volunteer Fire Department (MMVFD) returned to her house, not to save her again, but for a good deed.

“I was just overwhelmed,” said Ms. Judy, the 72-year-old saved by firefighters. “People just don’t usually do that.”

Ms. Judy has only lived in Meridianville for a week after moving from Birmingham. She was living around stacks of boxes when the fire department decided to help her unpack — they even gave her a heating pad.

“I had walked in, and she was clearly still in pain after being out of the hospital, so I actually ran home to get my heating pad for her,” said Ethaniel Fitzgerald, a firefighter with MMVFD. “The boxes were in really high places, her kitchen counters had three or four boxes stacked on top of them.”

Now, she says she has no idea how to thank them.

“I just don’t know how to thank them,” Ms. Judy continued. “You can’t thank somebody for being so selfless.”

Ms. Judy and the MMVFD plan to continue to stay friends. In fact, they’re spending Christmas together.