Virginia College now owes tax lien to Madison County

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s now been just over a month since Virginia College announced it was closing all of its campuses. The Huntsville campus on Drake Avenue now owes over $7,000 in taxes to Madison County.

The news of the college closure meant many students who couldn’t graduate Virginia College by Christmas were out of luck. Tuesday was the last day to enroll for the spring semester at both Drake State and Calhoun Community Colleges in Huntsville. At least one former student says getting a copy of her transcript is proving to be a pain.

“Some of them I think gave up. And I’m trying not to let them give up,” former student Tyeasha Summers said.

A month ago, Virginia College students like Summers were just weeks away from graduating.

“I was in my last class and just had my externship and I would’ve been done,” Summers said.

Instead, she and her classmates found out last month the school lost its accreditation and was shutting down before the holidays. It changed her plans, but not her outlook. With her brand new baby, Summers says she’s determined to enroll at Drake State and get her medical assistant degree.

“I was like, don’t give up, you have kids. Your kids are going to need you. You’re going to need something because Taco Bell and McDonald’s isn’t going to do it,” Summers said.

“We’re just really excited to know that our students know that Drake is here for them,” Drake State dean of student affairs Pamela Little said. “That Drake is an option for them and that they don’t have to cease their dream.”

Since Virginia College closed last month, some students like Summers say they’re having trouble getting copies of their transcripts. Their new schools need those with classes starting this week. The Alabama Community College System is asking people to fill out a transcript request form, but they admit that can take up to a week and a half to process.

“Even if I have to start all over, I will, regardless,” Summers said. “Because I have a baby and I have to do something.”

The college and hair school next door now have a tax lien on the property. A representative from the Madison County tax office tells WHNT News 19 Virginia College leaders paid taxes for 2018. They now must pay $7,459 before they can move any property out of the two schools.

The good news for Summers, she says once her transcript comes through, she can finish her medical assistant degree at Drake State by the end of summer.

Here is the most recent information shared by Virginia College regarding transcripts.